5 Tips for a Healthier, Happier Pet

We love our pets, and we know you do too! We all want to do everything we can to make sure our furry family members lead healthy, happy lives. Here are a few tips to help you look out for your four-legged best friend.

Learn a New Trick
We never stop learning, and this is true for our pets, too. Dogs and cats need mental stimulation, and training can make life more interesting. Even the simplest tricks involve your pet making new associations between words and activities, and training is a fun and gentle way to reinforce your pet’s concept of the social hierarchy in your home. Pets learn fastest through positive reinforcement. So, start with simple behaviors like sitting or giving a paw, and reward every try with a delicious Green Mountain treat, copious praise, or both.

Make New Friends
Dogs, especially, are pack animals, and social interaction with people and other dogs is important to keep them happy. Try going on walks with other dog owners, or visit your local dog park. Be careful to introduce your dog to new people and pets slowly and calmly, in neutral territory like the outoors and on a leash to make sure that everyone stays safe. Be aware that some dogs are aggressive toward other dogs or strangers, so use caution, but many dogs benefit from making new friends.

Work Those Muscles
Is there any purer expression of joy than a dog streaking after a ball at top speed or a cat madly chasing the laser pointer dot? Every pet can benefit from exercise, as it is mentally stimulating and helps your pet maintain a healthy body weight. Try making a habit of taking your dog for a half hour walk or jog every day. Try feeding your cat treats from a puzzle feeder, which makes her have to work and think to get the food, or making a “fishing rod” toy for her to chase. Strong muscles, healthy joints, and a happy attitude are all side effects of getting plenty of exercise that you and your pet can enjoy together.

Good Food
Good nutrition is essential for a healthy, happy pet. Choose a high quality, complete and balanced dog or cat food that has meat as the #1 ingredient. While it is fun to feed table scraps, remember that “people foods” are high in calories and salt and may contain ingredients like onions or chocolate that are harmful to pets. When feeding treats, choose an all-natural treat that has a limited number of ingredients to ensure that it is safe and healthy for your pets. Green Mountain Treats contain only dehydrated chicken liver, so they are safe, nutritious, and delicious for your pets.

Know Your Doctor
To make sure that your pet stays healthy, choose a veterinarian that you and your pet are comfortable with. Annual visits and good preventative care allow your doctor to catch problems early, so that they can be treated in the easiest, least invasive, and most successful way possible and help you and your pet live a long, happy, and healthy life together.