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At Green Mountain Treats we take huge pride in the fact that we use only locally sourced, pure Vermont chicken liver: 100% American made.

We are very picky and carefully select the farms and farmers who provide us with our key ingredient.

Both our treats and our Magic Sprinkles are 100% all-natural, ensuring that the final quality products we package travel directly from the farms to Green Mountain Treat’s kitchen, to your home; Green Mountain Treat pets get nothing but the best.

Based in Hartland, VT, Green Mountain Treats dehydrates the chicken liver, adding no artificial ingredients, so what you see is what you get: American-made chicken liver treats and sprinkles.
In an April, 2011 article published by, the United States’ biggest importer in the dog and cat food product industry was China, holding 70% of the market share.

Dog products with Chinese ingredients have been known to cause illness and even death to U.S. pets in the past. A big reason is due to the laxer rules that food agencies in China have compared to the U.S.
“Made in America” may be a slogan to some but it’s a mission statement for us.We are proud and grateful to be living in this country, and in particular living in Vermont. We work hard to buy American, for ourselves and our pets,and feel fortunate to be able to share the amazing wholesome products produced by the Green Mountain Treat family.

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