Behind The Scenes at Green Mountain Treats

My dog, Ashley, and I, share a common interest- Green Mountain Treats! Although I’m sure Ashley enjoys these scrumptious all-natural chicken liver treats for other reasons than I do, we both agree that Green Mountain Treats are some of the best pet products available on the market today. I was intrigued with Green Mountain Treats, and was curious to know the workings behind this wonderful company. To begin to understand how the gears turned for Green Mountain Treats, I spoke with Kenny Hamblin. A Vermont native and craftsman, Kenny co-owns Green Mountain Treats with his very talented mother, Robin. Kenny is a very personable and humorous guy, and I am very lucky that I got to share this conversation with him about his experience at Green Mountain Treats. Keep on the lookout for following interviews with both Kenny and Robin in the near future!

Lauren – What sparked your interest/inspired you to begin GMTs? 

Kenny – Well, we were concerned that “all natural” was not always healthy.  My mother has three dogs that loved the product testing phase of our company’s evolution. We found learned very early that all natural chicken livers with no additives whatsoever, won on both the health and taste meter. From that early analysis and testing everything has snowballed into Green Mountain Treats.

I know that you have pets yourself, do you want to share a little bit about them?

They are really active, and really treat-oriented with these treats. Interestingly, one of our dogs was never “treat oriented” before we came up with Green Mountain Treats. We tried lots of different treats because it’s much easier to train a dog if they are interested in the reward. These are the only treats that have ever been good enough to illicit positive behavior changes in her. In fact, when we are in production with the treats, bagging and cooking, they are insanely interested almost to the point that they can be annoying so they have to go in a kennel of production days.

What is your favorite aspect of GMTs? (There are so many wonderful things about them, it may be impossible to pick just one!)

The fact that we’re making a product that people trust and know is safe, with no additives at all. Many treats on the market have dyes and fillers, nasty stuff. As a company we have a great mindset: know exactly what the product and know exactly where it comes from. It keeps things pretty amazingly simple.

Your dry food enhancer is truly an innovative product, that I know personally has made a big difference in my own dogs diet! How did this product come about/where did the idea come from?

Actually when we make the treats, there are residual little pieces that we didn’t initially sell. Completely by accident, we discovered the tiny pieces are an incredibly effective tool for picky eaters. Whether the “pickiness” is their nature or is caused by the need to feed them a special food for their age, weight, or digestion, the Green Mountain Magic Sprinkles can help by making anything taste better! It’s pretty amazing to watch dogs eat and enjoy lettuce, broccoli and carrots.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this interview with Kenny Hamblin! Check in for more Green Mountain Treat news on our blog, as well as our website,!