What’s on the Label of your Dog & Cat Treat?



Our dogs(Bella and Lily) and cat(Magic) are important members of the family. Day and night, by our side and always ready to both give and receive affection. Just like our children, their health is of paramount concern to us.

We discovered Green Mountain Treats on a self-imposed quest to know and trust the ingredients in their food and treats.

On our quest, we found that many companies that marketed their products as healthy were anything but good for our pets.

Although ingredients are listed, many pet owners are not fully informed when it comes to what constitutes “healthy” in a dog treat; I know I wasn’t until just a couple of years ago.

What I learned is that many manufacturers use preservatives, fillers, additives, binders, sweeteners and coloring agents. Propylene Glycol, used in many moist pet foods and treats, is actually toxic if consumed in large amounts.

In the European Union, this “ingredient” is not cleared as a general-purpose food grade product or direct food additive. Green Mountain treats answered our need to know that the treats we were training and rewarding with were also good for our pets.

Hearing about weird ingredients can be scary. Watching pets pack on pounds can also be scary. Safety aside, many treats marketed as “healthy” are as calorie ridden as candy or cookies. Many pet owners have turned to locally-sourced pet food and treats, with all-natural products, like Green Mountain Treats.

These delicious and naturally low calorie treats are made entirely of a singular, healthy ingredient: locally sourced and completely natural dehydrated chicken liver.




Why Green Mountain Treats?

There are absolutely no fillers, binders, additives, sweeteners, or preservatives of any sort. Green Mountain Treats’ can be used for training with sport dogs and can also be broken into much smaller portions for our canines of a more petite scale.

So, train hard and treat well, knowing that you have chosen the best in Green Mountain Treats!