Why does my pet NEED Chicken Liver??

My very close friend recently became an owner of a beautiful husky mix. She’s not a very experienced dog owner, and since I grew up with multiple dogs, she sought my help when welcoming Layla, her sweet new husky mix. We talked for hours about how to create a perfect home for Layla including what the most healthy food options might be. When I mentioned chicken liver as healthy treat for dogs, my friend asked me, “but doesn’t liver filter toxins? So wouldn’t it still have toxins in them?” For animal lovers like me, the health of our pets is very important and we always try to look for the best and most healthy way to feed our furry friends. My friend’s question was a good one and I decided to do a little research about chicken liver.

The fact is, liver processes toxins and eliminates them from the body. Toxins do not linger in liver, but rather are released out of the body, often times as urine. Chicken liver is chock full of really good nutrients not only for dogs but for humans as well. Chicken liver is high in protein and rich with folate. Protein is essential for building things like organs, bones, teeth and muscles. Folate plays a key role in fertility and helping to prevent certain birth defects (think healthy puppies!). Liver is also loaded with iron which gives energy, and vitamin B12, a key nutrient for healthy brain and nervous system, as well as vitamin A, an essential nutrient for healthy eyes. So not only is it irresistibly tasty for our pets, Green Mountain Treats also takes care of your pets from inside and out!